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What does it take to be a Pur Om? Absolute Love. Pur Om are yogis, athletes and inspirational people living at their highest potential. Be inspired by their bios, visit these real people and tell a friend about these amazing beings in their city so they can connect. Write our Contact Page if you have a Pur Om recommendation! 

Ryan Glidden - Coronado, CA


Ryan is a founder of  MOSAIC, a top-rated yoga studio in North America. MOSAIC is, however, more than just a yoga studio; they offer a variety of multi-dimensional programs in health, leadership and spiritual development.

For him, yoga is the way of the warrior. The warrior spirit is conscious of its thoughts and actions. When Ryan steps onto his mat to guide a class he brings with him this warrior spirit.

He is also the author of  Strength, Heart & Balance: 3 Principles for Building a Strong Yogasana Practice.

Ryan embodies what he teaches. 

Jonathan Old-Rowe - Ocean Beach, CA

sol-may18-2013-382-e.jpgJonathan has been teaching yoga since 2002, as long as he has been practicing. Having taught across the globe in a wide variety of styles to a wide variety of people, he now teaches for some of the top studios in San Diego as well as a California State Penitentiary. For Jonathan yoga is a complete form of living, from how each breath greets to body to how each of his feet greet the earth. Jonathan comes directly from his heart, channeling the highest good in all moment to moment encounters with a truly in-depth and authentic practice of study. 

Aubury Wiltcher – San Francisco, CA


Aubry is a breath of fresh air from the mountains of New Mexico. Ever since she was young, Aubry has been able to do special things with her body most people can’t. Knowing she had so much to learn about yoga, she set out on a mission to expand her practice and use it as a platform to inspire others. Over the past few years she has put countless hours and energy into truly connecting with people through her practice. She treats every new experience with a youthful wonder that makes every day with Aubry exciting. 

Drisana Carey – University Heights, CA

drisana.jpgYogi, needle whirler (orthopedic acupuncturist), health nut, tai chi runner with an affinity towards sweaty smiles and deep satisfying sighs. Seeker and architect of peaceful natural settings amongst new and well known friends. Generally inspired by didactic contradictions, climber of many structures; apart from corporate ladders, Corporate Wellness Consultant.

Visionary and aspiring connector, dedicated to strengthening the links that lead towards a sustainable cultural shift in reliable self care. Practicing daily to assist in the relief of the unnecessary burden on our medical institutions. Empowering individuals to fully embrace preventative practices that celebrate our endless capacity to rejuvenate, regenerate and remember wholeness.

Daily mission: relieve distress, celebrate wide smiles, finding the edge in eustress, and leave every thing/one a little more appreciative of the fact that you found them. Connect with Drisana at Thrive Wellness