From the Earth, for the Earth

half-scorpion-inset.jpgAt last an innovative athletic apparel line comprising of both men's and women’s performance gear built on sustainability, a feat rarely seen in sports fashion. 

kevala incorporates pre-shrunken, lightweight performance fabrics through the utilization of many biodegradable, reclaimed and natural materials, which help to embody the line’s vision of being a partner with the earth.  

kevala signature fabrics are constructed with the following sustainable ingredients:

Biodegradable material from Eucalyptus trees with high-moisture wicking properties. 

Reclaimed Cotton
High-quality remains of cotton unused creating a closed-loop system.

Recycled Polyester
Post-consumer recycled materials for natural stretch. 

The balance of these natural and reclaimed materials creates a light and airy wear, ideal for relaxed exercise or rigorous activities.