From the Earth, for the Earth

half-scorpion-inset.jpgAt last an innovative athletic apparel line comprising of both men's and women’s performance gear built on sustainability, a feat rarely seen in sports fashion. 

kevala incorporates pre-shrunken, lightweight performance fabrics through the utilization of many biodegradable, reclaimed, organic and natural materials, which help to embody the line’s vision of being a partner with the earth.  

kevala signature fabrics are constructed with a variety of sustainable ingredients:

Biodegradable material from Eucalyptus trees with high-moisture wicking properties.

Organic Cotton
Non-GMO soft organic cotton which is GOTS certified. Organic cotton crops aren't treated with toxic pesticides and herbicides which are harmful to farmers, consumers, and the entire planet.

Reclaimed Cotton
High-quality remains of cotton unused creating a closed-loop system.

Recycled Polyester
Post-consumer recycled plastic for lightness, breathability a slight natural stretch. Recycled products lessen the amount of trash being dumped, repurposing a product and thereby prolonging landfill life.

The balance of these natural and reclaimed materials creates a light and airy wear, ideal for relaxed exercise or rigorous activities.  

Natural Hemp
Natural hemp is versatile fiber is fast-growing, requires very little water, is naturally pest-resistant and produces more fiber yield per acre than any other source. It is anti-bacterial, biodegradable and resistant to mold, saltwater and ultraviolet light.